9 things you should know.

These nine things are a good way for you to get a sense of us as a group, how we work, why we make certain decisions and our goals.

We are a creative team who will work with many sectors and mediums. We have more experience in certain areas, but only until we take on something we've never done before.
We have the same capabilities of a large agency, but are much more intimate.
We are proud to live in Halifax and to help our clients from this great city. However, we have reached clients all over the Maritimes and Canada.
We’ve been in the industry for a while. We don’t talk about it much, because we’re doing what’s relevant now.
We are a highly collaborative team. Everyone has a say in your project, most importantly, you.
We do not know everything. Each project, each new client presents a new challenge. These challenges are the most rewarding.
We have marketing expertise, but you are the expert of your industry and organization. We need you to be involved and engaged to be successful.
We take failure seriously. It drives us to make good work great, and to fix anything that may go wrong.
We are friends, colleagues and small business owners and we really like what we do.