Marc Lewis

Client service 902.830.7801

I’m the primary day to day contact for most of our clients. I service our clients’ needs and those needs are diverse. My daily activities range from developing marketing strategies, finding innovative advertising techniques to securing print quotes. My primary responsibility is to be resourceful and make sure our clients are marketing well and reaching their goals. I keep things moving forward and present the great work my partners create. I’ve got a story about everything.

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Kyle Kelly


I write the code that enables our beautiful web designs to come to life. I am continuously keeping up to date with the latest in web best practices and new technology. I love my job, it is a constant stream of puzzles and problem solving to achieve the optimal solution for each unique client situation. I've been doing it for 10 years professionally (many more amateur sites before that), with no plan to stop learning and creating.


Katie Goodz


My day to day goals are to help our clients realize their creative needs and help them come to fruition. At any given moment, I may be developing brands, creating an advertising campaign, helping to strategize about a new website, or producing collateral and sending them off to print. Being part of a small group means I have the rare opportunity to become very close to our clients and their marketing needs. I am extremely focused on time management. Ask any of our clients, and they will say, I am a tad 'fierce'. Ask Marc and Kyle, and they will thank me for keeping them on track. Art and design has been in my brain for more then 10 years. I can honestly say, I love what I do for a living.

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Kathryn Fox

Client service

As an award-winning client service provider, I have spent the past 2 years honing my communications skills working with clients that include the Atlantic Film Festival and NSCAD. I also spent several years managing clients in the fast-paced on and off shore financial service industry where I developed strong time, relationship and project management skills. I love to write! Having completed assignments for local newspapers and magazines, my work has been featured in publications in nine countries around the globe. Did I also mention I am active in the world of filmmaking, and have seen several of my short film projects come to life?

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Jillian Gullage


I am involved in all areas of design from pen and paper, illustration, print, online campaigns, user interfaces and social applications. This variety of skills ensures that I deliver consistency across multiple mediums. I am constantly challenging myself and pushing ideas and skills to the next level. My busy agency experience allows me to think quickly, on my feet and deliver what is needed without doubt.

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